The Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory (MMS Lab) is focused on two main areas:

  1. lightweight metallic structures (lattice truss structures, nanoporous films, hierarchical structures)
  2. statically determinate and tensegrity morphing structures

Lightweight Metallic Structures
The MMS Lab studies the mechanics of lightweight lattice truss structures for their use as load-bearing structures and impact amelioration systems as well as their possible morphing and thermal management capabilities.

Morphing Structures
MMS Lab uses the principles of static determinacy and tensegrity--with their superior mechanical properties such as stiffness and strength--to develop three-dimensional morphing foils. Through collaborations with scientists and engineers at the National Institute of Aerospace, NASA Langley and a grant through the Rising Stars Fellowship program, the MMS Lab is also involved in the area of deployable space structures. This work is also being expanded to look at the problem of morphing wings in aircraft and micro air vehicles.